What is The New Southern?


In short: The New Southern is a movement to unite, inspire, and empower individuals to live in their light and lean into their creativity. It’s a book (Lead Fall Title via Abrams in 2020), it’s a blog, and it’s a belief that creativity can be a conduit for deeper connection, no matter your background or circumstance.

The New Southern highlights those with old and new ties to the South creating work that unites and inspires. It’s about life pivots, soulful storytelling, and beautiful images to inspire not just your home, but to feed the soul. Expect stories from creative entrepreneurs, artists, authors, designers, thought leaders, chefs, and more who are using their creative talents to inspire the communities around them and redefine their creative fields--just as I aspire to.

As a photographer and author, my goal is to spread the light I find through my lens and empower others to step into their own light. Because I’ve been through the shadows. Following a consuming corporate career and a cancer diagnosis, my camera gave me the opportunity to see through a different lens; to see a new way of doing business, a new way of cultivating connection, a progressive version of the creative South, a new and bigger dream to empower, be of service, and a new way to connect as the truest version of myself–to live in my light.  

I believe when we are living in our light, leaning into our creativity, and speaking our truth, it creates a ripple effect and inspires others to do the same, resulting in a kinder, inclusive, more loving South, and for that matter, world. The more of us who believe that creativity connects in raw, authentic ways, the better.

Alyssa Rosenheck The New Southern