What is The New Southern?

The New Southern is a progressive lifestyle and design movement founded by Alyssa Rosenheck highlighting creative entrepreneurs with ties to the South who are redefining their landscape. Rooted in unity and creative prosperity, the ethos of the movement is “living your best life right now”. The New Southern will be published by Abrams as a fall lead title in 2020. The book is filled with incredible life pivots, soulful storytelling, and beautiful images to inspire the reader’s home and creative soul.  Among others, the book will feature the stories of National Designers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Artists, Forbes influencers, and Celebrity Chefs who are using their creative talents to inspire those around them. 

I believe when we are living the most authentic and fullest version of ourselves, it creates a ripple effect and inspires others to do the same resulting in a kinder and much more loving world. My goal is to spread light beyond my lens and along with soulful life pivots, inspire a younger generation to pursue their lives out of deep love, courage and community.

Welcome to a movement of STYLE and SUBSTANCE, you are loved and accepted. Let these blog pages help guide you through life pivots. Let these stories inspire your creative soul and let my images inspire light in your home.

This is an everyday casual conversation for all creatives to navigate life. Whether you are a student, mother, young professional, aspiring creative or a seasoned soul…. you will take away free styling tips for your home, lifestyle tips, be introduced to creatives all over the country, current best practices to pursue your passion, along with a large supportive community built on love, acceptance and creative prosperity.

Spread your wings sweet souls!!! - AR

Alyssa Rosenheck The New Southern