New Year

To the Moon and Back 2017!! Happy New Year!!!

Today is a fresh start. A new year. Today marks the day of new goals, larger dreams, and doing great things with great intention. Last year was a growth period for me and my businesses. I am so grateful for the lessons, for the wins, and for recognizing the ultimate belief that when I do things with great intention and authenticity, the universe opens up in a beautiful way and dreams do come true.  Things are not always as crisp as the images you see... I have learned to say no to opportunities that may not serve me in a healthy way. I am learning to be more vulnerable as a business owner and entrepreneur. I have learned to trust my instincts, which requires silencing the world around me.  I am committed to only pursuing the things in life that make me feel alive and passionate. I have learned to let go and trust in divine timing. I have learned to value decisive progress over perfection. But most of all, I have learned to embrace my fears and set the intention of being fearless everyday. It's hard and not easy as we are all human and come with our own set of insecurities but at the end of the day, we all have a creative and authentic voice that is meant to be cultivated and heard. I encourage 2017 to be the year of supporting one another, to being fearless,  and dreaming even larger than the year before. I am sending you all love and light and wishing you a warm Happy New Year from my heart to yours. Xx

©AlyssaRosenheck2017 New Years Gratitude Set With Intention
©AlyssaRosenheck2017 New Years Gratitude Set with Intention
©AlyssaRosenheck2017 New Years Gratitude Set with Intention

Million Dollar Decorating Podcast Interview with Alyssa Rosenheck

Yes!!!! I said yes before I gave myself enough time to say no and it was such a delightful invitation!!  James Swan’s Million Dollar Decorator podcast exists to entertain, educate, and inspire people toward living beautifully. The podcast features enlightening conversations with the world’s leading designers, decorators, architects, artisans, and as of late, an architectural interiors photographer. Yes, That would be me!! Pinch me, please!!

Aside from admiring his work, I love his personality—what’s not to love about a man who’s book is titled, “101 Things I Hate about Your House.” Charming personality aside, the idea of joining James for his podcast created a serious case of “the nerves” but left me flooded with gratitude and appreciation for our conversation. It was an absolute joy and reminder for me to continue to pursue the things in life that scare me the most. These are the opportunities and moments that tend to be the greatest gift.

Thank you, James Swan, for appreciating my work and making room for me in your beautifully curated world. I hope you enjoy the podcast below and I hope we all continue to say yes to life's moments that continue to push our comfort level in a beautiful and progressive way. Xx

Alyssa Rosenheck with Million Dollar Decorating with James Swan Podcast Interview