The Biggest Patio Decor Trends for Spring with MyDomaine!

I'm excited to be featured on MyDomaine discussing my favorite ways to style an outdoor living space. One of my favorite things about outdoor spaces is their multi-functionality--use your patio as either a cozy place to unwind with a good book or as the quintessential entertaining spot. My go-to styling trick is to bring the indoors, well, outside! The key is to incorporate rich-textured fabrics, patterned throw blankets, and even coffee table books. And of course, don't forget a tray full of cocktails and sweet snacks. Cheers to warmer weather! I am honored to be in excellent company with Emily Henderson, Consort Design, Amanda Barnes, Leanne Ford, and Black B and Design as we all are sharing our tips and tricks for the Spring. Xx

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©AlyssaRosenheck2017 Alyssa Rosenheck with Amanda Barnes Interiors with MyDomaine California
©AlyssaRosenheck2017 Alyssa Rosenheck with Oxford Design with MyDomaine Florida

Image 1 - Design Amanda Barnes Interiors

Image 2|3 - Design Ashley Meier

Image 4 - Design Oxford Design

Corporate to Creative: 6 Steps for Turning Your Daydream into a Career with MyDomaine

In the past, I thought my path from corporate to creative was unconventional but now and more than ever... I see it as the new norm.  Almost everyday, I am approached by women and men wanting a roadmap to pursue their own creative outlets. While an official roadmap doesn't exist, I am happy to share my personal "roadmap" of success from Corporate to Creative with MYDOMAINE.  My goal is to encourage and empower those around me to pursue their authentic path. It's definitely not for the faint of heart, but I guarantee you pursuing the things you love in life will get you well on your way to living your dream. I am grateful everyday and I am excited to share some  helpful tips with you through the link below. Xx

I am thrilled to share my 6 steps in turning your daydreams into your dream job with MYDOMAINE to help guide you well on your path. Please Check it our HERE and I hope to hear about your future stories of success Xx

photo Jane Kim

photo Jane Kim